Not Without My Shinji

Chapter 1: Savior Rising

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< Shinji at a phone booth >

Recording: We're sorry. Due to the state of special emergency, we cannot complete your call...

Shinji: Ugh. It's no use...

*Shinji hangs up and looks around*

Shinji: This is stupid. I shouldn't have come here.

*looks at the photo Captain Katsuragi sent him*

Shinji: *sighs* I guess we won't be meeting here. I'd better go find a shelter...

*gradually, Shinji realizes that there is someone behind him. He turns quickly, and a young woman is watching him in the distance. Strangely, he then hears the same voice that beckoned him to come to Tokyo-3.*

Voice: Look for me, and you will know what to do...

*A flock of birds flies away over Shinji's shoulder. Startled, Shinji looks away. When he turns back towards the woman, she is gone. The voice remains, however.*

Voice: Come Shinji...Come home to me...

*There is a loud crashing noise in the distance, acompanied by the whine of VTOL aircraft. Shinji looks to this new disturbance to belhold a giant dark green creature shooting down U.N. fighters. The beast downs another fighter, then seems to shudder as it lifts itself off the ground with smoe unseen force. Shinji then gets treated to a fantastic view of the wraith's foot as it smashes throught the downed aircraft. Shinji shield his eyes from the light of the explosion. When he opens his eyes, Captain Katsuragi is in front of him, shielding him with her car.*

Katsuragi: GET IN! NOW!

*Shinji Leaps into the car just as Katsuragi slams the car into gear and speeds off, narrowly avoiding the giant foot in front of them.*

*Because of all the excitement, Shinji passes out*

Voice: Shinji........

Shinji: ........

Voice: Shinji...You have to wake up...

Shinji: ........

Voice: Shinji...Listen to Katsuragi...She knows what's best for you right now...

Shinji: Who are you?

Voice: You know who I am...

Katsuragi: Huh? What are they doing?

Voice: It's time for you to wake up now...We'll talk again soon...

*Shinji slowly comes to*

Katsuragi: Now wait a second...

*Shinji sits up and looks out at the car window. The giant is walking over a nearby mountain range, being followed by more U.N. fighters. Suddenly, all the fighters break off and pull away.*


*Katsuragi takcles Shinji in the car*

Katsuragi: GET DOWN!!!

*Several seconds later, Shinji hears an earth-shattering explosion, quikcly followed by the shock wave of that explosion that flips the car over end over end. Despite Katsuragi's best efforts to protect him, Shinji hits his head on the window.*

*Shinji is unconscious for the second time today.*

Voice: Shinji...

Shinji: ........

Voice: Shinji...You're almost there...

Shinji: Where?

Voice: Shinji...Come home to me...

Shinji: Where are you?

Katsuragi: Shinji! Wake up!

Shinji: Huh?

Katsuragi: Shinji! *Shakes Shinji violently*

*Shinji slowly comes to, lying outside the car*

Katsuragi: Are you all right?

Shinji: *groggy* Yeah, but my head hurts........

Katsuragi: *relieved* You'll be all right...

*Katsuragi leans aganst the overturned car*

Katsuragi: C'mon! Help me move this car.

Shinji: Uh...Ok.

*Shinji sets himself against the car*

Katsuragi: Ready to push? GO!


Katsuragi: PUSH!

*car topples over with a thunderous crash*

Katsuragi: There!

Katsuragi: Thanks Shinji! You're pretty handy to have around.

Shinji: Th-Thanks. You too, Captain Katsuragi!

Katsuragi: Ah...Misato is fine.

Shinji: R-Right.

Misato: C'mon! Let's get going!

Shinji: Ok.

*Misato and Shinji climb into the now dilapidated car. Misato turns the engine over only to be rewarded with loud grinding noises.*

Misato: Nothing...

Shinji: What's the matter?

Misato: I don't know...

*Misato pops the hood*

Misato: I think I've found the problem!

Shinji: What is it?

*Shinji walks around the car and looks under the hood. The battery has developed a large crack in it's side and is now leaking battery acid all over the car.*

Shinji: Oh.

Misato: I guess we'll have to replace it...

Shinji: But how?

Misato: Don't worry about it. I'll take care of it!

Shinji: But...

Misato: I said don't worry about it. Just stay right here. I'll be right back!

Shinji: Uhh...Ok.

*Misato takes off running into town. A good half hour later, she returns out of breath and carying a replacement battery.*

Misato: *huff puff* There!

*Misato buts the battery in the backseet and jury-rigs a connection with a set of jumper cables*

Misato: Let's try it now!

*Misato tries the engine again, this time it roars to life*

Misato: YE-HAH! We're back in business!

Shinji: Right!

Misato: Ok! Hang on! We've got to hurry!

*Misato slams the car into gear and tears off, quickly reaching speeds exceeding 70 MPH*

*Needless to say, this agitates Shinji sightly*

Shinji: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

Misato: Just be quiet for a minute, ok?

*Misato reaches into her purse and pulls out her cell phone. Qhe quickly dials as she speeds along, driving erratically.*

*Shinji begins praying*

Misato: *into phone* Hello? Yes, this is Katsuragi. Yes, he's with me. Don't worry, his safety is my top concern. Look, can you get a car train ready for us? An express, of course! Well it was my idea to go get him, so it's only natural that I take full responsibility for him, ok? Right, I'll be there in five, ok? All right. Bye.

*Misato hangs up*

*Shinji is still praying*

Misato: Oh stop that! My driving's not that bad!

Shinji: ........

*long silence*

Shinji: Misato?

Misato: Yes?

Shinij: Why was I called here?

Misato: *sighs* I'll explain everyting later. Right now, we've got to get you to headquarters.

Shinji: Oh...

*Misato enters a short tunnel. In front of them is a large steel door with an insignia painted on it. The lettering on the door reads, "NERV"*

Shinji: Nerv?

Misato: Uh-Huh! It's a secret organization controlled by the U.N.

*The door opens and Misato drives in*

Shinji: Nerv...My father's agency...Am I going to be working for him?

*The car train starts moving*

Misato: Well, yeah! You do know what he does, don't you?

Shinji: All I've been told is that it's important for the future of mankind...

Misato: You don't know the half of it...

Shinji: So, from here, we're going to see my father?

Misato: Well, of course we are!

Shinji: *sighs* Father...

Voice: Don't think too badly of him...

*Shinji looks around trying to find where the voice keeps coming from*

Misato: Hmm? Was there something?

Shinji: *confused* Uhh...No...It's nothing.

*The car train emerges out of the tunnel, revealing the incredible view below*

Shinji: Oh! Awsome! It's a real geofront!

Misato: That's right. This is our secret underground base, Nerv Central. It's the key to rebuilding our world...A fortress for all mankind.

*Shinji is so awed by the splendor below, that he barely registers the voice that speaks once again*

Voice: Shinji...Welcome home

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